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Pure Tropical Citrus Pineapple Juice

July 27, 2020

hey what’s up soldiers chrissy at caribbean vibes it up in the kitchen as usual after posting i don’t know if you guys saw that giveaway yet but full details at the end of the video there after posting the video where i did that green juice with the juicer giveaway there’s been a ton of requests for more juicing videos this one here citrus pineapple nothing screams caribbean like those two ingredients you will notice i use limes and lemons if you want to cut back on that because the final product there i already shot the video it is a bit tart so if you want to cut back on that do your thing juice in if you want some more videos on juicing drop a comment down below and your boy will just oblige iri let me get to the video now oh gosh what’s up soldiers don’t forget to click subscribe if you’ve already clicked subscribe hit that bell notification thing i want to only missing out on the new videos man come on click got a ripe pineapple three grapefruit two lemons two limes some clementines and we’ve got five pounds of oranges it’s gonna be great nice and juicy next up we gotta break down the pineapple so we’re gonna cut out the top that’s gonna go into the rubbish get rid of that we’re going to cut off the bottom just sort of square it off that’s going to go into the rubbish and with a sort of a back and forth or sewing motion you will just go down the sides you don’t have to be too precise we’re just trying to take off the main skin here so you can go as light as you want because at the end of the day we’re juicing this and all the fiber will end up in the rubbish so that’s all i’m doing i will recommend though giving it a good wash after well before and after and i would recommend that with any fruit any vegetable that you’re juicing because you never know what kind of chemicals are used fertilizer pesticides and stuff like that all of that is going to go into the rubbish if you’re making a true caribbean pineapple juice you would boil that now in past videos you would have seen me core this we would remove the center core here but because we’re juicing it all i’m doing is cutting it into wedges like so just big enough to go through the juicer and the core in this case here we will get some nice juice out of that so we need to worry about that too much now for the grapefruit and the oranges what we’re going to do cut the top cut the bottom until you see flesh and again same sort of sawing motion down the sides because to be honest with you i don’t think it’s a good idea to run the citrus in the machine with the skin on now if that works for you if you like that sort of rind you can rock that i mean don’t like that and you’re probably wondering there well chris how come we can’t just do it till school and squeeze it by all means do that but i’ma got a juicer an iron man will use his tooth juicer so that is what we did there we just chop that up get rid of this sort of bit here toss that aside i don’t want to be too precise but you got these lovely segments here now let’s look at that now with the oranges if you don’t want to go through all that pressure yes go like that and a quarter and another quarter and you would just pull back the skin like so and there you go one more pull back pull back the bottom part and peel there’s the skin there’s the orange then as far as the clementine goes you would peel it like you would normally peel a clementine or mandarin just pulling back on the skin using your thumb if you don’t know how to do this search youtube i can’t believe some people don’t know how to do that nah there’s a little talk there we go for the limes and the lemon i’m doing exactly how i showed you how to do it with the grapefruit so all the peels here i’m just gonna give it a little slice and another little slice just to make it easier for the for the juicer and the lemon and that lime it’s gonna add a lovely a stronger citrus flavor it can be a bit tart though so be mindful of that and i really want to use a sharp knife and be very careful there we go it’s all prepped it will take a few minutes i think it probably took me about anywhere from five to ten minutes to fully prep it we got the oranges the pineapple the grapefruit the clementine underneath there’s the lime and the lemon but it is you know it’s well worth the time because it’s a pure juice as you will ever drink you know no additives no preservatives nothing you can’t smell and spell did i just say sell oh my god what did i just say smell sell well oh my god anyhow you could pronounce everything in the ingredient list at this point all i’m doing is feeding the fruit [Music] into the juicer i mean lo and behold all we’re getting some crazy juice on the bottom there let me zoom in let me zoom in because i’m not the biggest fan of pulp i like straining it by the top is your thing you can certainly well i’ve always avoid straining it as i’m doing but yeah that’s gotta love the yield man the use is not bad and i’m going to keep a line from my bohemian virgin sky john and there you have it skye i owe you one partner use your lyrics today anyways pineapple citrus juice we did it in the juicer if you want to do it in a blender do your thing i really hate it but this is as pure as juice can come your family is worth it you’re worth it your friends are with it your nana is with it everybody’s working on chrissy at always a pleasure having you guys here in the kitchen with me i urge you to give this recipe a try it will be a bit tart because remember we had that lime in there the lemon in there and if the orange is not too sweet well then we’re dealing with that issue as well but always a pleasure having you guys here in the kitchen with me until we meet again ari irene

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